Alabama Hard Money Lenders

Looking for a Alabama Hard
Money Lender – Private Equity Loan
? Need to act quickly so as not to miss an opportunity. If your current credit, employment or asset situation won’t allow you to get a conventional Alabama loan or you can’t wait the typical 40 days to have your loan funded through Alabama conventional lenders – because you need your loan funded fast – consider a Alabama private equity or hard money loan.

Alabama Hard Money Loans

Alabama Private equity – hard money – loans are asset based loans placed with Alabama private investors who use their private money to finance or refinance real estate loans. Alabama Private equity hard money loans are based almost solely on the property value as apposed to conventional lending institutions which have strict underwriting guidelines for borrower credit, loan to value amount and real estate asset value.

Through years in the mortgage
lending business hard money lenders have seen all types of borrower situations were conventional lenders will not or can not accommodate the borrowers needs – due to credit issues, time frame issues or income and employment issues.

Alabama Private Equity Loans

In order to meet the needs of just such Alabama hard money loan borrowers hard money lenders have developed relationships with a number of private equity lenders that loan their private funds based on the secured asset value of your property alone. Private equity lenders typically do not require proof of income, they will loan based on your stated income and the value of your property or profitability of your project.

Alabama Bridge Loans

Funding is available for all types of borrowers and credit situations. If you need a Alabama bridge loan, a Alabama sub prime loan or a loan from Alabama high risk lender visit these pages and visit the private equity hard money high risk lenders you’ll find listed.

Contact these hard money lenders they will explain all your Alabama hard money private equity loan options including: Alabama commercial, residential and refinance of current mortgages – with their help you will make a fully informed hard money mortgage choice!

State of Alabama

The Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto in 1540 visited Mobile Bay, but other Spaniards had been there as early as 1519. In 1702 the French founded a the first permanent settlement at Fort Louis de la Mobile in 1702. In 1763 the British controlled the area, but after the American Revolution almost the entire area was given to the United States and Spain. In 1861 the Confederacy was born in Montgomery, and the city became the Confederate capital during the Civil War.

In the late 19th century the Industrial Revolution brought industrialization to the largely agrarian state. Dr. George Washington Carver carried out his agricultural research at Tuskegee Institute, which had been founded by George Washington Carver. Landmark civil rights activity occurred in Alabama during the 1950s and 1960s.

At present the state is a major producer of poultry, soybeans, vegetables, ivestock, wheat cotton, peanuts, fruit, hogs and corn. Alabama also manufactures automobiles, chemicals, plastics and paper paper. The city of Birmingham is noted for the production of coal, iron and steel.

Resident population in 2005 was 4,557,808. Alabama has 67 counties, 22 state parks and 21 state forests. Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and Huntsville are the largest cities.

Disclaimer: The hard money loan calculators found on this website are offered only to estimate monthly loan payments. No guarantee is offered or implied as to their accuracy. Hard money loans are non conforming, they do not conform to the underwriting guidelines of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Each private equity hard money lender has their own fee structures which may include points at closing and early prepayment penalties. Discuss all of the details of your particular hard money loan including all costs and fees with your selected hard money lender.

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